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Darul Ihsan University (DIU) is the first private university in Bangladesh established in 1989 by Darul Ihsan Trust (DIT). It obtained formal approval from the Government of Bangladesh in 1993 under the Private University Act 1992. The University, a brainchild of Late Professor Syed Ali Ashraf (Who was also its founder Vice-Chancellor), is a Unique Academic establishment, the only one of its kind in the country, modern in outlook but faith-based in philosophy.

Aims andĀ  Objectives of the University:

1. To achieve a balanced individual and collective growth of the human being through an integrated process of modern education for the attainment of spiritual, moral and intellectual perfection and confidence throughout the life.
2. To help each individualĀ  to grow up as a devoted selfless servant of Almighty Allah for the good causes of humanity and national development atlarge.

The following are the authorities of DIU:

(a) Darul Ihsan Trust
(b) Syndicate
(c) Academic Council
(d) Faculty/Board of Governors
(e) Finance Committee
(f) Planning & Development Committee
(g) Committees of Courses and Studies
(h) Selection Committee
(i) Board of Advanced Studies and;
(j) Disciplinary Board

Faculties (Three Faculties in DIU):

1. Faculty of ReligiousĀ  Sciences.
2. Faculty of Human Sciences.
3. Faculty of Natural Sciences

Departments (Seven Depts. In Three Faculties):

1. Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
2. Dept. of Information and Telecommunication Engineering.
3. Dept. of English Language and Literature.
4. Dept. of Law
5. Dept. of Dawah and Islamic Studies.
6. Dept. of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies.
7. Dept. of Library & Information Science.

Other new depts. Are in progress.


1. Institute of Business Studies (IBS)
2. Institute of Education (IE)
3. Syed Ali Ashraf Institute of Higher Islamic Learning(SAAIHIL).
4. Institute of Intellectual Studies(IIS).


In order to promote mutual understanding among the faculties and students of Darul Ihsan University and foreign universities, a number of collaborative academic programmes have been launched. The University signed and Exchange programme with the Tennessee State University (TSU), USA in March 1999.

The University of Hartfordshire of UK has also agreed to admit directly the BBA students of IBS to its 3rd year Honours programme on fulfillment of certain conditions. The Syed Ali Ashraf Institute of Higher Islamic Learning works in close cooperation with the Al-Azhar University of Egypt. Similar Exchange Program between the Darul Ihsan University and the University Kebangsaan Malaysia is in the process.

Achievements of the University:

a) Faculty Expansion with new Depts.
b) National & Global Reputation in Computer Programming Contests
c) Faculty Members of Internationally experienced Professors
d) Academic Collaboration with International University


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