The Founder

The Founder

Prof. Dr. Anwar Islam

Darul Ihsan University

Darul Ihsan University (DIU) was established in 1989 by Darul Ihsan Trust (DIT). The Late Professor Syed Ali Ashraf (RA) was the founder Chairman DIT and the founder Vice Chancellor of DIU.

This is a private university unique in its, at least, four distinctive claims:

First, this is the first ever-private university conceptualized, planned, implemented and initially funded by Late Professor Syed Ali Ashraf a saintly academician of world reputation, remarkable for his impeccable career.

Second, this is not a commercially motivated university meant for profit maximization; and also this is not a university that enters the rat race for augmenting enrolment for financial gains.

Third, this is a university that runs on securely anchored philosophy of catering for morality-endowed higher education.

Fourth, as of now, this is the only private university that enjoys the unique distinction of having awarded so far 5 M.Phil and 1 Ph.D. degrees in higher research.

In this context, I would like to make a fundamental point that a university is not a place only for teaching or skill training; it has to offer services that combine teaching, skill training and research. After all, a university has to be an abode for job seekers as well as knowledge and wisdom seekers; and more than these, there has also to be a solid moral grounding.

This university carries an Arabic name again, a distinctive feature as no other university in Bangladesh, private or public, carries such an Arabic name. This name, if translated translates into English stands as an abode of excellence. Excellence is not only in name; excellence entwines mission and vision of this university. Excellence is what we need to achieve to qualitatively change ourselves.

I welcome the admission-seekers to this abode of excellence with so many distinctive features. But let me also give you an advance idea of what this university requires of you. Besides the code of conduct that you have to stick to under all circumstances and any breach of which will be sternly dealt with by the administration you are ordained to imbibe three Ds: Discipline, Diligence and Devotion. Let me also assure you that we who manage this university imbibe the same three Ds, for a purpose similar to yours, to make you perfect human beings befitting the hard-earned money that your guardians would be spending on you.


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